Human Rights Commission

The Human Rights Commission consists of up to twelve members, appointed to four-year terms by the Mayor, with advice and consent of the City Council. Appointees are paid $50 for each monthly Human Rights Commission meeting attended.

Meetings: 4:30 PM on the first Tuesday of each month in the Mayor's Conference Room at City Hall.

Current Members

Mr. Marty Corley
term expires: 11-02-2018

Ms. Mary Ellen Quinn
term expires: 11-02-2019

Ms. Sharon Wright
term expires: 11-18-2017

Mr. Steve Garner
term expires: 11-02-2018

Mr. Mark Huffman
term expires: 02-02-2019

Ms. Aishatu Kelly
term expires: 11-02-2018

Ms. Albertine Allen
term expires: 11-01-2018

Ms. Abagael May
term expires: 11-02-2018

Ms. Nancy Moldenhauer
term expires: 11-08-2017

Ms. Tyra Walker Robinson
term expires: 11-02-2019

Ms. Joanne Tedesco
term expires: 11-01-2018

Rev. Dr. Dennis Carroll
term expires: 11-30-2020

Mr. Lawrence Arness
Commission Attorney

Mr. Donald Przybylinski
Council Liaison