Michigan City Municipal Airport Runway Length Extension

The Michigan City Airport Board of Aviation Commissioners and the City of Michigan City are partnering with numerous local organization to seek support for an expansion of the airport to better serve the needs of not only the city but also the needs of the ensure community and surrounding areas.

A runway extension at Michigan City Municipal Airport will help our community grow and allow for development of new markets to help ensure a stable and viable local economy. It is critical for communities and its businesses to not only maximize economic opportunities within the local region but to also capitalize on potential economic development from areas well beyond the local city, county and state boundaries.

One of the keys to success is the ability to access those markets outside of the boundaries of the local community. The Michigan City Municipal Airport can provide that access! Currently the airport has a 4,1k00 ft. runway and is capable of serving small and medium sized corporate aircraft. A runway extension to 5,001 ft. could allow access to the local community by larger sized corporate aircraft which would mean a significant improvement to the overall economic development impact to the local region. Improved access by these larger aircraft can lead to reduced travel and cargo expenses by local companies, as well as improved access to the community from business partners across the nation.

Our airport is currently conducting a study for runway length justification. This study is a critical step in determining the appropriate runway size to accommodate the local economy and its aviation needs. If you, your company, or your business partners, suppliers, or investors own a jet aircraft we strongly encourage you to take a few brief moments to fill in the blanks on one of the support letter templates that suits you or we kindly ask that you forward the support letter template to them and request them to fill it out. The FAA requires at least potential operations of larger sized jet aircraft before considering a runway extension at an airport. These operations are potential and not required in the future. The individual or company is not held to these operations in the future.

Any questions, comments or the completed support letters can be emailed to Airport Manager Jessica Ward at: or mailed to the airport at 1300 N Hwy 212, Michigan City IN 46360. We thank you for your help in assisting the local community in improving the access to the local region and significantly improving the local economic development potential.